We offer you 12 Parkranger guided activities,
9 places to visit and 6 beaches to visit.
Definitely something outstanding will excite you.


12 Parkranger guided activities

Navarino Parkranger offers you 12 exciting tours in the Navarino Bay area. We will pick you up at your accommodation with one of our Mercedes G-Class 4x4 and bring you back after the tour.

Royal Tour

Royal Nestor's 4x4 / Hiking trip

In this one hiking trip you will visit many interesting sites of the Navarino bay area. You will learn more about the 5000 years of history and mythology of the area. You will see golden beach, the path past the lagoon, the dunes, voidokilia beach, Nestor's Cave and Paliokastro.
- about 2-3 hours easy hike
- starting at 29,- euro p.p.

Clay Beach

Body Clay bath at secret beach

We will visit the Chapel of illias by 4x4 with an amasing view of the area. Then we wil continue on a 10 minute hike to Glossa (secret) Beach where we do a total body Mud Wrapping and some snorkeling.

- 2-3 hours
- 29,- euro p.p.

Polylimnio waterfalls tour

Polylimnio Waterfals drive & hike

We will pick you up at your accommodation and do a 4x4 drive to Polylimnio Waterfalls. From the start location it's a 30 minute hike with a beautyfull scenery to the source of the waterfall.
There we can swim and spend some time before we head back to the starting point.
- 4hours
- 29,- euro p.p.

Bird watch gialova lagoon

Bird watch in the Gialova lagoon

The Parkranger will pick you up at your accommodation in the early morning when the sun comes up. 
We will visit several bird watch houses in the lagoon and watch.

- 2-3 hours
- 29,- euro p.p.

Olive garden tour

Visit to Olive harvest and Olive mill 

You will see how the olives are harvested and you can try it yourself. Then we will visit the olive mill to see and learn how the olives are pressed. You will learn about the whole process and you can taste and buy oil at the mill. 

- 2-3 hours
- 29,- euro p.p.

Wine Tasting Tour

Wine tasting 4x4 tour

We will visit a local winefarm in the Gargalianoi area. You will learn the winemaking process and you will taste several wines and have the possibility to purchase wine straight from the farmer.

- 2-3 hours
- 29,- euro p.p.

Boat Tour Navarino bay

Boot Tour & Snorkling Navarino Bay

We meet in the harbor of Pylos and make a boat tour to the 5 memory sites in the Navarino Bay. We will do snorkling on several places to watch the underwater nature.

- 2-3 hours
- 29,- euro p.p.

Methoni Castle

2 castle tour, Pylos & Methoni

We will visit the castle of Pylos, Neokastro and we will visit the castle of Methoni.

- 2-3 hours
- 29,- euro p.p.

Sea Kayaking Messinia

Sea Kayaking Messinia

Sea kayaking in Navarino Bay one of our most popular trips offering you the experience of remoteness with a visit to the island of Sphacteria.
You will explore beautiful rock formations and sea caves, relax on a hidden cove with a deserted beach and hopefully spot some migrant birds sea turtles or seals. Our trip begins from the marina of Pylos.

- 2-3 hours
- 29,- euro p.p.

Wind surfing and kite surfing

Windsurfing / Kite surfing lesson

Did you ever wanted to try out windsurfing or kite surfing? Now is your chance. You will have your introduction lesson on the Gialova Beach.

- 2-3 hours
- 29,- euro p.p.

Proti Island Tour

Proti Island Boat and Hiking tour

You will make a boat tour from the village of Marathoupoli to the Proti island. There you can do snorkling and a hike along the island to the old Church. 

- 2-3 hours
- 29,- euro p.p.

Pizza Party

Private Pizza Party with Italian chef 

Evening event wit friends, family, kids or total strangers. You will taste about 10 Pizza's from Italian chef Patricio baked in a wood fired oven in the olive garden. 

- 2-3 hours
- 29,- euro p.p.



Methoni and Koroni are the twin castles of Messinia. It is worth noting the particular strategic location of Methoni, where is also the largest fortress of the Peloponnese. In antiquity, Methoni was referred to as Mothoni. It had taken its name from Mount Athos, a huge underwater rock.



Foinikounta is situated in the southwestern tip of the Peloponnese peninsula, in Messenia, between Methoni and Koroni. The municipality’s population is approximately 600 habitats and it administratively belongs to the new municipal unit of Pylos-Nestoras. The village sits on a beautiful location with a great seaside front, and is notable for its magnificent sandy beaches.



Koroni or Corone (Greek: Κορώνη) is a town and a former municipality in Messenia, Peloponnese, Greece. Known as Corone by the Venetians and Ottomans, the town of Koroni (pop. 1,397 in 2011) sits on the southwest peninsula of the Peloponnese on the Gulf of Messinia in southern Greece